Change of Discipline

Haven’t got the branch of your interest?

You need not worry much if you are willing to do some more hard work. (less than 1/3rd of what you have already done!) You can change you branch after 1st year.

Sounds nice ?
Yes, IIT (BHU) offers a fair chance to change your branch based on your 1st year performance provided the following two conditions are satisfied.

1. While making a change of discipline, the number of students
in a class should not fall below the existing number of students by more than 10% and should not exceed the sanctioned number of students by more than 10%.

2. The students of 4-year programmes can change within 4-year programmes and the
students of 5-year programmes may change within 5-year programmes only.

P.S. The students from pharmaceutical engineering can also change their discipline.

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