Biomedical Engineering

You must be wondering, how does the word “bio” tags along with engineering!! Do you have to study the stuffs which a doctor or biology student learns? Not exactly. Biomedical engineering is about finding solutions to medical problems by applying science and engineering principles. It is an interdisciplinary branch in which you study about electrical circuits and devices for developing medical machines like X-ray, ECG, CT scanner or you develop mathematical models to understand the signals transmitted by the brain or heart and apply mechanical concepts to develop implants for human bone & joint injuries. You can also play Pong using your brain waves. That’s cool J

It looks like Biomedical engineering is very interesting and exciting. Its outreach is increasing profoundly and could be compared to growth of computer science in early 90’s. But what about the future after getting enrolled in this branch in IIT (BHU)? Here I put some insights regarding this.

1. School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) has carefully designed curriculum to serve expanding requirement of bioengineers in Industry, academic institutions and R&D organizations. There are few fundamental courses about design and functioning of human body and cells. Rest, you are taught about application oriented engineering concepts. There are many subjects which are taught by faculties of other departments.

2. Being connected to BHU, school has benefits of conducting collaborative researchwith Institute of Medical Sciences. While undergraduate program has been developed in recent years, laboratories are well equipped with basic research facilities. You could experiment with medical equipments which are usually available in hospitals and design something of your own.

3. After graduation, you can pursue higher studies in variety of fields like medical imaging technologies, bioinformatics, modelling human systems, tissue engineering, bioinstrumentation or biomaterials. Biomedical engineering is a mainstream branch in most of universities in developed nations so you have ample opportunities for Masters’ or Phd.

4. Current job opportunities are there both in core and non-core industries with complete placements. Companies like Philips and Orbees Medical come for recruitment and one can be optimistic about more in future (Siemens, GE, Covidien, Stryker) as India’s medical device industry is boosting up annually at around 16%.

5. If you want to change your career goal (as mentioned by previous blogs), you definitely get ample time to pursue for it. But the point is you should not get late for deciding your ultimate dream of life.

6. Going abroad for a long vacation is always a dream for most of students but for most biomedical fellows, it is fulfilled easily. Students have got sponsored internships in USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan… even to holiday destinations Switzerland, France and Spain!!

In a nutshell, enrolling into SBME could provide you a handsome corporate job or turn you into an innovative researcher. But no one can stop you from achieving what you want at the end irrespective of branch you take.

– Rahul Jain (Batch of 2014), SBME