Computer Science and Engineering

Many people assume computer science is just about computers. Yes it is, but that’s just a view of the course from around millions of kilometres from its surface! Computer Science makes everything possible that you virtually use it today! Broadly stated, Computer Science and Engineering is about a practical approach to solving large chunks of problems in information and communication world. Descending at around a few thousands of kilometres, CSE encompasses Algorithms, Data Structures, Compilers, Networking (which is why you’re able to facebook as of now, and getting assistance with counselling), Operating Systems (Windows as most of you are using, that’s a typical CS OS story!), Database Systems (how does the FBI maintain so accurate but enormous data about the US citizens and else! Amazing, isn’t it!), and many more stuff. For more information, you may just do a quick googling/wiki, or simply check out any typical IIT’s CSE course structure.

Why should I consider Computer Science as a career?

There’s hardly anything one could do without computers and their computing power these days, right? Fascinating movies – Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter series and numerous others have been possible because we have computer science engineers around (who are fatly paid!). Cloud Computing, next generation Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engines are some of the hottest careers around in the Silicon Valley, be in CA or in Bangalore/Hyderabad. It would sound fascinating to you that computer engineers actually impact billions of lives daily! That really really gives you a marvellous feeling and satisfaction.

Job Prospectus

From a practical standpoint, there are a lot of opportunities and a plenty of jobs. Companies want smart people. Computer scientists have always been in “great” demand and they are likely to be in demand for a foreseeable future which means they get their pick of exciting jobs and they are paid well for this.

P.S. Computer science is creative, what it means is to think, it is like a new way of creating things. Computer science is an art. Eat, code, drink, sleep, repeat!

Do I need a Computer Science background?

It’s not a big mystery. There are many people who attend their very first lecture, an introduction to computer programming after coming to college. There are many people who will always be there to support you. Tutors for the classes you take and everybody in the department is always willing to help. You too can master this art. All you need is a good math skill! That’s all it takes!


Course Structure:

The course is concerned with theoretical and engineering aspects of Computer Architecture, System and Application Software, Computer Networks, VLSI, Internet Technology and Applications. Adequate emphasis is also given to Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, and Theoretical Computer Science. Computer science course also incorporates courses from electrical and electronics engineering.

Recently, the course structure has undergone revision. From now on, students will be studying CSE subjects from their first year itself. And yes, no more Chemistry or Environmental Studies!! The department provides an Hons. degree in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision (AICV) and High Performance Computing & Data Engineering (HPCDE) streams to the meritorious students. The complete course structure can be found here.

Research Work:

The departmental research is focused in the areas of Natural Language Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Neuro Computing, Parallel Processing, Software Engineering, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining and Web Mining, Biometrics, Semantic Web, Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing and Social Networks. There’s absolutely no dearth of space in computer science. Be in Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Cyber Security and Defence, Social Networks, probably the space below would run short for it to describe! The best part of research in CS is that the industry and the research academia is closely inter-linked. You could switch over to industry, R&D or academia at any point of your career. Unlike other engineering courses, you would often find that CSE is an extremely fast growing field with research academia being, on the contrary to other engineering disciplines, ahead of the industry in time!

Placement Scenario:

With all-the-giants recruiting here, placements should be the least concern! To name a few: software Giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, World Quant, Ebay, etc. and companies from trading sector like Morgan Stanley, DE Shaw, Goldman Sachs, etc.

The department organizes its annual coding festival Codefest.

– Vaibhav Rawat, Senior Undergraduate, Dept. of CSE