Cultural Council

  • Do you think you can hit high notes? Or are you a bathroom singer? Do you also like to growl? Or you get inspired by Arijit Singh’s soulful voice? At IIT (BHU) all of these arts are well appreciated. IMC (Indian Music Club) and WMC (Western Music Club) are two well established clubs at IIT (BHU) where you can learn and practice all aspects of music, be it instrumental or vocal. These clubs organise special events to showcase the talent of its members.
  • For all MJs, Madhuris, Govindas, Shakiras and Hrithiks out there, Dance club DFZ (Dance Freakz) at IIT (BHU) is the place for you. This is one of the best club at IIT (BHU). They organize workshops and special dance events throughout the year.
  • Can you make best out of waste? Do you have that artist in you? Can you draw? Can you paint? Or can you sketch? And much more. Fine Arts Club (FAC) takes care of all these activities at IIT (BHU). This club is the most hardworking club and is appreciated by all for their brilliant work during all the three fests.
  •  Do these lines excite you? “Yeh haath.. yeh haaath mujhe dede thakur!”, “Mere paas maa hai!”, or “Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra!!” If yes, then theatre club is your new home. This club comprises of the most talented actors of the college. Be it a skit, a mime, a play or a nukkad (naatak), theatre club of IIT (BHU), The Masquerades, has expertise at each of them.
  • Do you have leadership qualities? Or are you afraid of speaking in public? Literary club at IIT (BHU) is there for you. Lit club is the most esteemed club at IIT (BHU) and it is the most active club too. Regular workshops are held, initially to motivate students and increase their language skills. Then the best in business roll up their sleeves for detailed debates, extempores and many more such activities.
  • Do you think you know more than others? Can you bet upon your General Knowledge? Or is your multi-dimensional? If your answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, Quiz club at IIT (BHU) is your next friend. Regular quizzes on various topics are held to increase your knowledge in different fields.