Departmental Fests

Why need a departmental fest?

The Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi as we see today, is not just a mere institute, but a congregation of chambers of wisdom which have evolved and blossomed over a span of almost a hundred years. Each of its departments inherits a legacy and a heritage that cherishes the privilege of providing the world with intellectuals who have left impeccable footprints on the sands of time. The respective departmental fests are nothing less than a celebration of disciplines that shall define a future engineer; a celebration of knowledge, technology and the zeal that drives us forward and makes us who we are and will be.

As the pages of the calendar turn over, different departments rise to the occasion so as to relish the profundity and the versatility of their sciences. These fests are the glaciers of skill where talents are cradled before they get to contribute to the ocean of actual application. The various fests organised by the departments are listed below.

  • Ceramic Engineering : Keramos
  • Chemical Engineering : Udhbhav
  • Civil Engineering : Shilp
  • Computer Science and Engineering : Codefest
  • Electrical Engineering : Prastuti
  • Electronics Engineering : Udyam
  • Engineering Physics: Jigyasa
  • Mechanical Engineering : COMET
  • Metallurgical Engineering : Anveshan
  • Mining Engineering : Mettle
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering : Spirit