Film and Media Council

The Fim and Media Council is the most recent council under the IIT (BHU) Gymkhana. It is an amazing amalgamation of various clubs which serve as a learning area for freshers and all those who are interested in working behind the camera or have a passion for writing. Each club has members who have great knowledge of their field and work as excellent mentors to the interested newbies. The clubs within the FMC are:

1. Animation Club
2. Cine Club
3. Creative Design Club
4. Media Club
5. Social Outreach Club
6. Photography Club

The Animation, Cine and Design club merge creativity with modern software to create amazing models, videos and designs. The Photography Club with its amazing level of equipment and skills of the members is the most popular club of the council. The Media Club keeps the students up to date with innovations and news of fields that interest them, conducts various surveys and publishes The Quest, the monthly newsletter of IIT (BHU). This council has seen tremendous growth lately with the availability of modern facilities – both in hardware and software. FMC organizes The FMC Weekend, the only fest in the country holding events pertaining to this field with an incredible amount of participation.