FMC Weekend

For My College Weekend is a celebration of creativity. The joy and liveliness of creating new things from scratch is the point of unification of all the clubs of the Film and Media Council. It is an opportunity for everyone to try their hands on especially tailored events that brings out creativity from within you. In FMC Weekend ’15, there were competitions encompassing the areas of photography, cinematography, animation, entertainment, media and design all of which were based on the theme ‘The Superhero Fiesta’.

On one hand, events like Selfie, 3-Draw, VFX and the design events tested the participants for their skills in the respective fields whereas on the other hand, events like Superdub, Snapchase and Ad-o-Mania examined their creativity, thinking and ability to work as a team. Events like RJ Hunt and Brainstorm allowed participants to exhibit their presentation skills and showed the judges how good thinkers they are. There were also fun events like the Bollywood Quiz and Superhero Quiz in which the so-called ‘old-fashioned’ culture of quizzing was blended with the enjoyment of movies and comics.

Another unique attraction of the Weekend was the camera exhibition in which 14 archaic cameras, with a few being from the 1900s as well, were kept for the participants to see and know more about. All the 3 days of the event culminated with screening of 2 blockbuster Hollywood movies under the starlit sky on a gigantic screen.

Perhaps the most attractive session was the panel discussion with eminent personalities from the fields of films, philosophy, literature and politics to debate upon the role and types of culture. The panel included Mr. Praveen Kumar Chaturvedi, the CEO of Moonlight Pictures and Mr. Markanday Katju amongst others.

Finally, the fest culminated successfully and really left an indelible mark on everyone’s mind, relieving much of the stress and tension in it saying out loud “Why so serious ???!!!”

– Harshit Mehrotra, Sophomore, Dept. of CSE