Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry is the scientific field for understanding basic chemical properties of materials and for producing new materials with well-controlled functions. It is a course offered by the Department of Chemistry.

In this course, students are exposed to engaging engineering problems related to the scale-up of a synthesis from the lab bench to the production plant. Analytical procedures (chemical analysis) are discussed with a perspective to use them for process control and quality assurance.

The Applied Chemistry Curriculum includes Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Catalysis, Environmental Chemistry, Drug Design, Industrial Organic Chemistry, Industrial Waste Management etc.

Special emphasis is placed on the practical applications and laboratories, where students are familiarized with modern analytical techniques, computer applications, synthetic chemistry and unit operations.


Currently, as the human society is getting more and more advanced and complex, the research fields of I.C. are expanding to a wider range. A few of its impacts on people and society at large include making our society sustainable to create clean and benign materials using energy-saving methods without destroying the natural environment, making possible the treatment and prevention of incurable diseases by new medicines and medical technologies that can be developed.

Moreover, the research carried out in this field is oriented towards the applied end of the research spectrum. Hence most of the results are of direct relevance to the needs of the society at large.

Job Prospects

Industrial Chemistry has huge scope in India as well as abroad.The study of applied chemistry can lead students into a wide variety of careers due to the fact that chemistry is an integral part of life and technology.

One has the option to go in for either an industrial job or into the research field. If you plan to go the industrial side you can opt for Manufacturing unit, Production and Development units etc. If you are interested in the research area you can opt for going in for PhD. Along with pursuing PhD you can opt for joining a laboratory or a research unit. This is will help you in your PhD too. There is also the option for going into the marketing area if you possess good skills in the same.

Industrial Chemistry is a five year integrated course which comes under the department of Applied Chemistry. This branch deals with the application of chemistry in various engineering disciplines and the department is much into research work which is supported by MHRD, UGC etc.

Talking empirically, the branch stands as a wise option for people getting ranks above 4500 -5000 in JEE (Advanced).

1. The course is designed with the aim to uplift one’s research aptitude in chemistry and related courses , unless he/she is willing to do so.
2. Students easily manage to score pointers, as the course curriculum is not very tight and teachers are quite lenient about the coursework and grades. And plus this gives you ample time to look out for extra currics and develop yourself.
3. The scene for core-jobs and  core-companies is quite grim but  that’s analogous to any other branch opening  at this rank (4500+). Our alumnus and the utmost senior batches are making continuous efforts to take up this thing.
4. Getting into Industrial Chemistry and then thinking of doing a PHD isn’t a bad option at all. As far as I know my seniors and alumnus, many of them are currently pursuing their PHD’s and masters in universities outside India like Michigan , Caltech etc.
5. Leniency in matters of grades and attendance would of course help you in preparing for other examinations like CAT , GRE ,GMAT and others.
6. At this rank, getting into an IIT would categorize you as the brightest minds of the country , giving you an impregnable advantage over others.

Guys, you people have just cleared JEE (Advanced) . Chill out these summers! Choose your branch and college, there is a lot of time left for you to ponder upon your salary packages and job prospects. Go get out of your homes, explore and live!! The world is waiting…  All the best!:)

– Siddharth Gupta, Batch of 2016, Dept. of Industrial Chemistry