Metallurgical Engineering

Before coming to IIT (BHU), I had a lot of hustle and bustle in mind. I had a lot of options to consider which further increased the confusion. But I had my cousin studying in IIT (BHU) who advised me to join Metallurgical Engineering at IIT (BHU) without giving a second thought. He even asked me to prefer this branch over many other branches I was getting at other IITs and other institutes.

Presently as a graduate from this branch I surely know the innumerable reasons behind his suggestions. And today I also suggest many aspirants to opt Metallurgical Engineering here at IIT (BHU). Department of Metallurgical Engineering is one of the three other departments which have been recognized as “CENTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES”. Apart from the well systematized academics, the professors of this branch are well renowned throughout the world. This helps us to apply for foreign internships and higher studies (as their recommendation matters a lot). Many of my seniors are already doing their masters from universities like University of Illinois, Ohio State University, North Western University and Aachen University. Few of my batch mates went for foreign internship to Germany and some of them planning to go for MS. Four/five years down the line if you develop interest in the subject, you have a lot of scope for higher studies. Not just for higher studies, the academics prepare you well for job. Moreover if you want to divert your field afterwards, you can do that very easily.

Our department has the best Laboratories. We have world class instruments like the scanning electron microscope, Transmission electron microscope which is used for research activities spanning over wide ranging fields of nonmaterial characterization, quasicrystals, biomaterials, magnetic materials, rapid solidification, mechanical alloying, powder metallurgy, modeling of phase diagram, phase transformation in steels and nonferrous alloys and structure property correlations, creep and fatigue behavior of materials etc.

[I’m sure these names are not of much importance for you currently, but you’d be proud once you start using them.]

Every year National Metallurgy Day is organized in different part of the countries by the members of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM). Many from my batch went there for poster presentation and paper presentation at NMD-ATM 2012 to Hyderabad. World class scientists, researchers are there every year, thus we get a lot of exposure. (You don’t always have a world class scientist judging your work!)

Apart from the academics, we have our of departmental fest known as Anveshan organized every year. We have a Metallurgy society which organizes events like quizzes, debate competitions, celebrating teachers’ day, sports tournaments, etc. in which students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff participate. It also celebrates Metallurgy day every year.

In these four years of my stay at IIT (BHU), I have a gained immense knowledge, experience, exposure which has given me enough confidence to be successful wherever I go, whatever I do.

The department organises its annual departmental festival Anveshan.

– Neha Agrawal (Batch of 2013), Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering