Mining Engineering

Probably you are trying to know about a branch which has the scariest name – “Mining”. But keeping such pre-conceived notions apart, mining engineering is certainly a branch of uniqueness, immense scope and versatility. What one doesn’t realise is that mining is not about getting in the mines and digging out things. Huh. What are the labours for then.An engineer rather overlooks and manages a mine, builds machines (Is that still scary, huh?), carry out businesses regarding it. And the last thing anyone realises is mines are gold. Quiet literally and figuratively too. With one of the best packages around and huge scope, it has a future that is considered one of the fastest growing throughout the world. And i bet, as the resources get depleted a mining engineers worth increases.


  1. Placement of students of mining engineering branch is 200%, hence placing it amongst the best branches of IIT (BHU) Varanasi.
  2. Due to the light course structure of this branch it leaves the students with ample time to pursue their interests and excel in them.This gets clearly reflected in the high number of CAT selections.
  3. The department has its own editoral, thereby facilitating publishing of paper, researches, new developments and other mining related information.
  4. Bright options for students to pursue research and collaborate with other professors in foreign colleges and schools of mining.
  5. The department has its own library, computer centre and other such facilities making it a complete stand alone branch in itself.
  6. The department conducts its own departmental fest – Mettle, which happens to be one of the best in its league and provides great exposure and competition.
  7. Only two IITs offer this branch but the department of Mining Engineering at IIT (BHU) is the oldest mining department in India which an added advantage of its geographical location over IIT Kharagpur.
  8. It is a centre of Advanced Studies in the area of rock mechanics and ground control since 1990.
  9. It is equipped with 19 laboratories related to the field and the facilities which are counted amongst the best in the country.
  10. The only college in India to have its own Underground Experimental Model mine which serves as a great learning source for the students.

The department organises its annual departmental festival Mettle.

– Mohd. Yunus, Batch of 2016, Dept. of Mining Engineering