Pharmaceutical Engineering

The Pharmaceutical Engineering courses are designed to impart knowledge on various aspects of drug design, development, testing, and safe and effective use of drugs/medicines including drug delivery systems. The courses provide an unique fusion of biology with engineering and technological concepts to develop skillful process(es)/techniques for designing, procuring and evaluating various kinds of drugs and drug delivery systems.

Course Structure

The Department offers two courses at the undergraduate level: A 4 year B.Pharm and a 5 year Integrated Dual Degree in B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. The courses come under Healthcare technology. This course is a unique fusion of engineering and life-sciences. The only course in all of the 16 IITs, Pharmaceutical Engineering, is a very-fast rising industry in India with a constant growth rate far more than other industries, except the IT sector. The pan-IIT review by the IITs in 2004, outlines the need and scope of Pharmaceuticals:

Excerpt from IIT Review, 2004:

How can one define knowledge economy? A definition could be that knowledge economy is characterized by the highest number of the best-trained, productive individuals. In other words, highly educated, research-oriented human capital of the creative class would be the bedrock of the knowledge economy. It has been forecast that, before the middle of the century, BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) could become a much larger force in the world economy and India could be the third largest economy. Indian companies in the pharma, software and automotive sectors have shown their strength in knowledge-based operations and some of them have recognized as potential world leaders. New technologies in the field of bio-technology and pharmaceuticals, advanced materials and nano-technology, information and communication technology arc likely to be the key drivers of growth in the near future. All of this should make it clear that the next phase of development Of India and the growth of the Indian economy will primarily technology driven. There are real opportunities for India to be in the forefront of the new technology-based development and application in diverse areas.

The course is a dream-come true for those who want to use technology for health. Course includes Pharmaceutical Management, Ph Technology, Industrial Ph., Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Drug Design, Novel Drug Delivery etc. The Biology part progresses gradually from Class 10th to the required level. With Software engineers doing projects in health sector, what could be better than having exposure of both?

The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is rising unprecedentedly. Sadly, there is a lack of quality people in the sector. Most of the time the industry manages with differently qualified-people by training them for the industry. As such, being in an IIT, every pharma industry is glad to accept you. Since the world of medicines is one that affects millions, those without experience are not paid richly. However, as you get the required experience, the pay scale easily outshines other industries. At the department, you have the unique opportunity of making a career in software giants too if you do not want a career in the pharma. People have been recruited by Healthcare consultancy firms, Software companies looking for coders with a life-sciences background. In fact recently, a student was picked by Epic Systems, a software giant, at 56 lpa.

As is evident from the IIT review report, Pharma is the future and the one industry which will never mellow, even if we face the worst recessions. Research in the nation is spearheaded by now ranked India’s top 5 indigenous Firms, Dr. Reddy’s labs. All Pharma giants of the world like Pfizer, Mylan, GlaxoSmithKline, Zydus Cadila, Biocon, Lupin have their R&D centres in India and they are looking forward to tap India’s research potential in the field. One of the biggest merger of recent times was the acquiring of Indian-origin Ranbaxy by Sun Pharma at a staggering $3.2 billion. If you get excited by words like Nanotechnology, Drug engineering, Formulation Development then here is your thing.

The department organizes its annual departmental festival Spirit.