Science and Technology Coucil

The preamble of the council is to nurture the technological development of students of the institute in a comprehensive and versatile manner. It seeks to provide a platform to bring all the technical enthusiasts of the college together and showcase their scientific and engineering talents to explore new frontiers. The council is incharge of all the technical and management activities of the institute and is a collaboration of various independent clubs as listed below.

1. Aero modelling Club

2. Astronomy Club

3. Club of Economics and Finance

4. Club of Programmers

5. Green Club

6. Robotics Club

7. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Club

8. Technical and Rural Outreach Club

The council monitors the programmes and activities of the clubs mentioned above and ensure their proper functioning. Workshops and discussions are held by the respective clubs in turns throughout the academic session in which the students are free to participate. They are generally organised by the student community of senior years without causing any hindrance to the daily academic routine. The students can thus enhance their knowledge by attending the workshops of the clubs of their choice.

The SnT Council along with its clubs coordinates and conducts the annual techno-management fest of the institute, TECHNEX which proves to be one of the promising technical fests across the nation. It is one of the best gatherings of renowned technologists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, famous personalities and thousands of participants from all over the country.

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