Welcome to one of the biggest techno-management fests of India, Technex organized by IIT (BHU), Varanasi. This fest hosts variety of events that lay emphasis on both your creative and analytical faculties of your mind.


For the more technical in you, Technex has Xtreme Engineering and Robotics events.

  • Ever wanted to drive your car NFS style. Make a RC car complete with engine, shock absorbers and what not and compete with some of the best teams, drifting your car with just the right amount at just the right places to finish first and take home a hefty prize money.
  • Those who are not satisfied with land vehicles, design a RC air plane and watch it fly in the air performing some crazy stunts.
  • If you are one of those who can spend sleepless nights with your eyes glued to your laptop and fingers to your keyboard trying to solve everyday life problems through algorithms then technex is sure to impress you. If you are one of those coding geeks, ‘ethical’ hackers, highly intellectual programmers, then Technex has sufficient to quench your thirst and award the deserving you with awesome prize money.
  • Want something more technical. Make your own bots and feel the adrenaline rush when your bot destroys the other to pieces in Robo-Wars. Pat your back when your robot follows the gesture of your hands and when it traces a line precisely. Robotics events put your technical and creative minds to real stress and the winner walks away with respect and money ofcourse.
  • Technex makes you experience the thrill of using astronomical telescopes and observing planets, stars and pin pointing constellations.


  • Have a novel idea, there is Modex waiting for you. Create whatever you can, a working/non-working model, a simulation or anything that your creative mind can imagine and present in Modex and who knows may be you are the next Steve Jobs who revolutionized the world with a series of ‘I’ products.
  • Technex has much more remaining for the management buffs out there. Have a business idea that can make you next Richard Branson? Share it and if the investors are impressed enough, they may fund you. Assist a real company with a real problem and take away hefty prize money in return. This section is for those whose neurons get activated by case studies, formulating financial models and playing with numbers.


Its all about art. Creativity has no bounds. Do you specialize in poster making? Can you express yourself through a photograph? Do you see yourself in movie making? If yes, Technex has Creatrix for you giving you a platform to showcase your photography skills, movie making and a lot more.


Consider yourself a pro gamer? Maybe you haven’t competed with the best of the best. Come to the stage and compete with some of the best teams in the world in the field of LAN gaming.

There is a saying: We haven’t inherited the world from our fore fathers, rather we have borrowed it from our children’’. Technex, in accordance with the above, hosts events where your ideas can make this world a more better and sustainable place to live.

Don’t want to participate in any of the events? No problem. Technex isn’t over yet.

Technex hosts a series of workshops on myriad of topics and guest lectures of prominent personalities. Still don’t have enough. Well there are a large number of informal events which will never let you down.

Technex has an extensive coverage on online media attracting sponsors, corporates, NGOs from all over the country. With a diverse participation, Technex is a very good place for engaging and interacting with the youth of the country.