Why IIT (BHU)?

Hi juniors!

First of all, heartiest congratulations for your grand success. We have been receiving a lot of queries about life at IIT (BHU) and here we go!

Old IIT?
It is one of the oldest engineering institutes in India which brought up electrical, mechanical, ceramic and pharmaceutical engineering in India. And it has always succeeded to stand with the other old IITs even when it wasn’t one. IIT (BHU) has been admitting students through IIT-JEE only since the inception of JEE.

Campus Life?
Well if you are active, believe me you are never gonna be free again. There is always some or the other club organising various activities. In fact, timing-clashes have always been common, thanks to the plethora of events. Being an active member of three clubs myself, I can bet that the lives of students studying here are pretty much awesome like in any other IIT. What’s better than having an exposure to the cultural capital of India?

And yes, a unique thing that only IIT (BHU) has, is the departmental fests of “all” departments through which you can explore each and every branch.

No need to boast about them. Being the oldest (will soon be completing 100 years), it has a very vast alumni network. To name a few: Nikesh Arora (Ex-vice president of Google, now in SoftBank), Ram Charan (featured on the Thinkers’ 50 list), Thomas Anantharaman, (an IIT-JEE AIR 2 in 1977, his phd dissertation was the foundation of IBM’s Deep Blue (ask another chess player or google!😀 )) including the CFO of Tesla motors, Director of NVIDIA Bangalore, etc.

The IIT (BHU) Global Alumni Association (IBGAA) is the official alumni association with Chapters present all over the world. It is the largest alumni association among all of the IITs and is very active and ever ready to help the juniors in achieving new heights.

Entrepreneurship opportunities?
IIT (BHU) students have started various start-ups like Zostel, Internlelo, Ubona, etc. (citing only a few to avoid flooding) We also have an incubator cell, MCIIE IIT (BHU) for the same. Like last year, Google startup weekend will be held this year too, to provide opportunities to the young minds carrying great business plans in their minds.:)

Availability of coaching for MBA/GRE/GMAT?
Varanasi has various institutes (for eg. T.I.M.E.) which is are renowned for providing coaching to MBA/GRE/GMAT enthusiasts and is very close to the campus, hence easile accessible. The most important part is the ever ready enthusiastic peers who would give you just the right atmosphere for these.

Course Structure?
Having stood at such a great position without having any assistance like all IITs have, IIT (BHU) is surely improving day by day after becoming an IIT. The curriculum was thoruoghly revised and implemented from the batch of 2014. It includes branch related subjects in the first year itself so that students can explore their interests as much as they can. The unnecessary subjects have been removed and important ones have been added in their place. (Yayy!) All the departments provide an Hons. degree to the meritorious students in specific fields.

Research Options?
With our new director, Dr. Rajeev Sanghal, being research-oriented, IIT (BHU) has made a lot of advancements in the field of research in the past few years. A center for conducting technological research for the Indian Railways is coming up.

We have a summer research program (DIH) under each branch which involves various projects. IIT (BHU) now has MoUs with many major PSUs and Government organizations, thereby realizing the “Make in India”. Thank you, PM!

It is true that being an IITian one should be least worried for placements. But, they do build the reputation and culture of an institute. Moreover, they comment on the growth of the institute too. And yes, we are leading in this race too! (Highest package amongst all IITs, last year). Our average packages are higher than many IITs who have better OR-CRs than us.


The major reasons why IIT (BHU) OR-CRs are lower:
– IIT (BHU) is not a zonal IIT. That means it does not conduct JEE (Advanced) exam. However, it is an old IIT in all respects with a thriving vibrant campus.

– Most students prefer last year’s OR-CRs which is a blunder. Since it was not an IIT ages ago, it had a lower OR-CR but the gap is patching up. IIT BHU guys have received better placements this year in almost all branches as compared to some of “zonal” IITs. If yet you want to cling to last year ranks its your choice. But I personally won’t suggest that. (Rather have a look at the jump in the ranks for the previous 3 years)

At last, I would like to quote some words on our college by a senior of mine (a big personality in himself) which I believe too:
“They all are good because they are IITs, we are an IIT because we are good. :) ”

Gopal Garg, Senior Undergraduate, Dept. Of CSE