Welcome folks!

Here we present you a glimpse of what awaits you at IIT (BHU) Varanasi, situated in the largest residential university of Asia with a beautiful lush green campus that will surely mesmerize you. We welcome you all to this immense world where you’ll witness the best years of your life.

So get ready and enjoy the ride, explore the sections and find what you need!



14 Responses to Welcome folks!

  1. Priya says:

    Hello all,
    My daughter has got for admission to IIT BHU Metallurgy 4 year B-Tech . We are confused since many people say the the course and later any job would involve standing in front of foundaries and at high temperatures. Is that true. As it is her main interest is ECE so hearing this we are more confused. Please help with valuable inputs.


    • iitbhulife says:

      What you mentioned is just a part of vast realm of Metallurgical engineering. It is completely a matter of interest whether student opts for core industrial jobs or goes for other opportunities, say research.
      Go through question 1 of the blog entry: http://iitvaranasi.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/69/

      Hope it helps.

      • P.K JHAMB says:

        My daughter is also doing Met. at BHU, it is a reputed branch and IIT Met. Engg. from BHU hs got famous TAG on it, most of the Big Bosses in Metallurgy devisions like BARC, ISRO, IISC, TATAS, even foreign universities are from BHU, To stand in front of foundaries, hot temp. is the work of down the line staff, an Engineer sometimes as part of exposure has to visit these locations to have a feel, however there are other areas where a Met. Engineer can work e.g new development in materials, R&D centres, Quality assurance and Head office support jobs for many industries doing works related to met. Engg. e.g marketing of instruments related to metallurgical research, consultancy jobs etc. So don’t worry, let her join, may be she is doing some software work related to automation of some metallugical related job and controlling the foundary sitting away in an A.C room.

        P.K Jhamb
        ACE(QA), NPCIL, Mumbai

  2. Anil says:

    Hello all,
    My son has been alloted the Visvesvareya Hostel in IIT(BHU) Varanasi.I’d like to know whether beds and mattresses will be provided by the hostel or we have to make the arrangements ourselves.

    • iitbhulife says:

      Students would be provided with basic furniture, i.e. two single beds, chairs and study tables. You’ll have to get the rest by yourself. However, there’s a huge market just outside the university for all that will be required. Just bring whatever is easy to carry and rest you can get pretty easily here.

  3. sireesha says:

    My son has been alloted vishweshvarayya Hostel.I would like lo abut the mess fee structures as it is not specified in the fee structure and also may i know the mode of payment of fees…..
    thank u.

  4. anil says:


  5. Venkateshh says:

    Hi folks,
    Nice site with loads of information. Got here from the BHU official site. I am planning to be there with my niece who is joining the 5 year integrated MTech for Engg Physics. I understand that she will be put up at the hostel from the day 1. Can any of you recommend a good place to stay close to the campus?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Sanjeev says:

      Dear Venkatesh,

      Varanasi is a nice place to stay and roam. You may go to Asi Ghat (About 2Km from BHU) or Dassavamesh Ghat (About 3.5 KM) from BHU and find any Hotel, Guest House depending on your budget and choice. You may visit Intenet and see Varanasi Hotels near BHU, don’t book through any website as they may not refund your money in case of cancellation, directly talk to Hotel and book, even you may walk down areas near BHU, there are plenty of good Hotels and GH with Tarriff ranging from 300 to 3000, don’t take any tension Varanasi has ample Tourist accommodation and at reasonable rates.
      Good Luck and Enjoy your stay


  6. vedprakash says:


    is there any requirement of laptop in first sem for academic purpose ?


  7. Md Azad says:

    I want to joined IIT(BHU) B.Tech computer science.Please help me

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